Olga Kurylenko: “Putin didn’t expect such resistance from Ukraine”

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Filming in London, the Franco-Ukrainian actress needed to talk regarding the case in her country of origin. discovered to the full world in 2008 in Quantum of Solace, wherever she compete the fictional character lady opposite Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko has ne’er left the film sets since. Born in Berdiansk, to a Ukrainian father and a Russian and Belarusian mother, she was noticed at the age of sixteen to become a model. Quickly settled in Paris to apply her profession, she display for the foremost illustrious photographers and created the duvet of the largest magazines. The ultra-demanded muse, she began parallel theater coaching at Cours Florent and so in New York. actor currently recognized worldwide, she is additionally the mother of a 7-year-old boy. From London, wherever she is photography the Treason series within which she plays a Russian spy, the 42-year-old Franco-Ukrainian needed to talk regarding this situation.

“I’m appalled by this war, I’m worried about my friends and relatives who live in Ukraine. My relatives who settled in Kyiv hide in the subway or in underground bunkers. My uncles and aunts who stayed in the south of the country are not being bombed at the moment but are living in seclusion at home.

“My Russian friends support Ukraine”
“When I think of Ukraine, the image of my city
on the Azov Sea comes to mind. I have memories of very cold winters, sometimes it dropped to minus 30 degrees when I walked 40 minutes to school in the morning, and hot summers when we ate fruit on the beach to cool off. At the age of 15 I went to Moscow to work as a model.An agency found me very quickly in Paris, where I settled. So he knew the USSR better than Ukraine; I spoke Russian, I understand Ukrainian but I don’t speak it and my relatives are from Russia, Estonia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan… We were all Russian speakers. The Russian friends I emigrated to England, Germany, France or the United States all support Ukraine.”

“Even though I belong to the ‘old generation’, I admire that young Ukrainians fight against Russia and resistance Ukraine now symbolizes strength, tenacity and struggle. I don’t think Vladimir Putin himself expected such resistance… But now that it’s too late to back down, what should we do?Putin had warned that this would happen, and now that he has committed the irreparable, there is an urgent need for collective action to stop this massacre. »