Brad Pitt in Paris, almost incognito: a French minister under the spell

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Brad Pitt has offered a short stay in the French capital. In Paris, the 58-year-old actor made a detour to the Center Pompidou where he almost went unnoticed. It was without counting on a French minister present at the same time…

In terms of art, Paris is a nugget. Museums or monuments, the capital is full of places steeped in history and culture, attracting thousands of tourists every day. This Monday, February 14, Brad Pitt was one of them. The 58-year-old actor, very attracted to the world of art, took advantage of his visit to Paris to visit the Charles Ray exhibition at the Center Pompidou. If he was not recognized by the public, Roselyne Bachelot, present that day, had the eye even though the ex-husband of Angelina Jolie wore a mask! The Minister of Culture therefore began a discussion with the American, obviously taking care to immortalize this improbable meeting. “And around a statue, Brad Pitt!” she proudly wrote on her Instagram account by posting the famous photo. Like what, if being part of a government exposes you to many criticisms, especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, this status also has great advantages.

A few hours before, Roselyne Bachelot had a special meeting with the singer Jenifer: “I had the enjoyment of presenting nowadays the badge of knight of the Order of Arts ANd Letters to Jenifer! This distinction involves greet twenty years of career and an Brobdingnagian contribution to the influence of French song within the world. This evening, the Ministry of Culture resounded along with your touching words, packed with feeling and feeling for your audience and people who dependably accompany your expensive career. Jennifer.” this is often however Roselyne Bachelot lengthens the long list of stars that she has had the honor of meeting a touch a lot of every day.

In 2012, Roselyne Bachelot posed alongside Iggy Pop. The following year, she accepted, at the request of Joyce Jonathan, to appear in one of his clips. If there is an international star that Roselyne Bachelot has always refused to meet, however, it’s Madonna. In 2015, the columnist of the Grand 8 had explained the reason for this categorical choice: the singer was a follower of Kabbalah, often considered a sectarian movement. She hasn’t been part of it since. When is the selfie?