Olivia Wilde in a visible bra: sexy look

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  • To find her darling Harry Styles at the Venice Film Festival

Actress and director Olivia Wilde was radiant at the Venice Film Festival for the presentation of her latest feature film, “Don’t Worry Darling”. If she was on top with a sexy style alongside her companion Harry Styles who plays in her film, she must also digest a multitude of tensions because of her work…

For her return as a director after Booksmart, Olivia Wilde chose the feature film Don’t Worry Darling. Presented at the 79th Venice Film Festival, the star is thrilled and chose to bet on emerald green to bring out her eyes. A suit with a long skirt signed Chanel which is going to delight the New York artist. His particuliarity ? When she left the buttons of her jacket open, the star revealed a black bra. A chic and daring look.

During the photocall, she was able to pose with great pleasure alongside some of the actors in her film, Chris Pine, whose hair look may not be unanimous, Gemma Chan and of course Harry Styles. Always very attentive to his look, the singer and actor has chosen a style signed Gucci. The ex-One Direction took care to pose opposite the filmmaker, not wanting to be too close to the one who has also shared his heart since January 2021…

Behind the euphoria of the photocall of this September 5, 2022, however, hide many tensions linked to the film Don’t Worry Darling. Indeed, director Olivia Wilde put a veto during the press conference on matters concerning Shia LaBeouf. The controversial actor was part of the cast for a while, before being dismissed, or leaving voluntarily – everyone has their version. Thus, when a journalist wanted to know more about this misunderstanding between the two actors, the person in charge of moderating the interviews simply decided to stop him, stating that the answer was already on the Internet.

The ex-colleague of Dr. House claims to have fired the actor in an interview for Variety because she felt that he did not contribute to a very constructive atmosphere within the team. A thesis contradicted by the actor who claims to have left because he did not have enough time to rehearse. The companion of Mia Goth also underlined the differences with the main actress Florence Pugh. The latter has decided not to participate in the promotion of the film, rumors of tension with the director would be in question …

One more “drama” for Olivia Wilde, already humiliated during a screening of her film because of her ex Jason Sudeikis who sent her legal papers while she was on stage!

  • Don’t Worry Darling, in theaters September 21, 2022