Pascal Elbé: His tender confidences on the future of his son Léo

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Received by Isabelle Morizet in the show “There is not only one life in life”, this Sunday, November 21, 2021 on Europe 1, Pascal Elbé confided in the life of his son Léo. The 20-year-old obviously does not want to follow in his father’s footsteps …Guest at the microphone of the show There is not only one life in life, broadcast on the airwaves of Europe 1 this Sunday, November 21, 2021, Pascal Elbé – on the poster of the film On est fait pour s’ hear, released in theaters on November 17 – returned to his family life. After separating from Béatrice Elbé in 2014, the 54-year-old director shared some secrets about his son Léo.

Faced with questions from Isabelle Morizet, Pascal Elbé quickly got caught up in the question-and-answer game. After indicating that his latest film – about deafness – is inspired by his own health problems, the 54-year-old actor also spoke about his life alongside his son Leo (20). “I live with him, we both live, we are like a kind of old couple”, shared the father of the family, not without pride. And to believe his words, his son does not intend to follow in his father’s footsteps. Like many children of stars who embark on the same careers as their parents, the young man has decided to go his own way. “He works in an exceedingly  digital college, from what I’m attempting to know and he’s still very seasoned. i believe that later, perhaps even he can write. He has something. In any case, he has. facilities “, then indicated the actor, proud. And to continue, on the refusal of his son to participate in one in every of his productions: “Obviously we do employment that’s very engaging and it’s everyone’ business reception after we do this.

profession, however it is true that he doesn’t essentially wish to be within the light. ” hearing loss discovered in the late …

throughout AN interview with our colleagues from ma’am Figaro, on Gregorian calendar month 12, Pascal Elbe had already poured out – altogether transparency – on his disability. “I place tons of myself into this character, however not like him, I didn’t begin paying attention to others the day I became deaf,” he said, mentioning that he ab initio denied his condition. And to continue: “I had the impression that the others articulated badly or failed to speak loud enough, I scan lips, till the day once my hearing loss gave the impression to me just like the truth. I don’t suffer from a significant handicap, however being diminished is sort of ungrateful and needs armament yourself patiently and humility. you’ve got to dare to mention if you can’t hear, and it’s typically a bit embarrassing. “