Lottie Moss: Addicted to cocaine, Kate Moss’ little sister enters treatment

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In 2005, the publication of photos of Kate Moss using cocaine shocked the fashion world. The supermodel’s little sister, Lottie Moss, suffers from the same addiction. She entered treatment and is ironic about the situation with TikTok videos.

Demi Lovato, Princess Charlene of Monaco, actor Armie Hammer… Many celebrities enter rehab for different reasons. Lottie Moss joins the list! The half-sister of Kate Moss admitted to suffering from a serious addiction and is ironic about the situation, by staging on TikTok.

Lottie Moss (real name Charlotte) is addicted to cocaine! The pretty 24-year-old blonde confessed on TikTok by posting a video showing her responding to the phrase “When people ask me why I’m in rehab”. “I have a severe cocaine addiction,” recites a makeup-free Lottie.

She took up this sentence from the beauty influencer James Charles, who mentioned his addiction to Coca-Cola in a video posted on YouTube.

According to her TikTok account, Lottie Moss has been in rehab since the beginning of February! She is undergoing treatment in a specialized center in the United States. Her father, Peter Edward Moss, tried to be reassuring by confiding to the tabloid The Sun that his daughter was fine.

Lottie Moss is the second daughter of Peter Moss, born of his relationship with Inger Solnordal. She has two older brothers and sisters, Nick and Kate, fruits of their dad’s first marriage to Linda Moss.

Kate Moss also suffered from a cocaine addiction. She famously used it during her relationship with singer Pete Doherty. Several photos showed her in action, in 2005. The scandal had affected her career as a supermodel, which Kate then managed to revive.

For her part, Lottie does not aspire to follow in the footsteps of her big sister. She enjoys charming modeling and has an OnlyFans account, followed by nearly 9,000 subscribers. Lottie publishes photos of her in und

ress and completely naked, which another network like Instagram would censor.