Rihanna and A$AP Rocky photographed with their baby in Los Angeles

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After a trip to New York, singer Rihanna returned to Los Angeles. The star was spotted with her beau, A$AP Rocky, at the airport and, for the first time, we noticed that baby was on the trip! The two artists recently became parents.

Mom since last May, the very popular singer Rihanna discovers the joys of motherhood. The 34-year-old star, who is in a relationship with rapper Asap Rocky, has made a few rare public outings since giving birth to her baby but, until now, she has never appeared with her son.

Sunday August 14, Rihanna was spotted on the descent of a private jet on the tarmac of a Los Angeles airport and, for the first time, we could see that baby was on the trip! The interpreter of the tubes Umbrella, Diamonds or We Found Love was all dressed in black and hidden under a cap. As for his companion, also wearing a cap, he was in a white shirt and t-shirt. The couple was traveling with reinforcements since we could see that it was a bodyguard who took care of holding the baby carrier in his arms to get their son off the plane. Rihanna and Asap Rocky were returning home to California after a short stay in New York. The young parents had been spotted there in love and looked in the streets of the Big Apple.

Rihanna, who multiplied sexy looks during her pregnancy to show that a pregnant woman can continue to dress as she wishes and look good, had not particularly planned to become a mother. Asked by Vogue magazine, the star said: “I wouldn’t say it was planned. But we were certainly not against it either! I don’t know when I ovulate or that kind of bullshit. We is having fun and that’s it. And there you go, the second bar was there, on the test. I wasted no time, I called him and showed him. Then I went to the doctor the next day and our great journey began!”

Since she gave birth, however, Rihanna has been a little more discreet, her outings having slowed down. It must be said that the singer must certainly want to enjoy her baby as much as possible and be there for him even if she has people to help her on a daily basis.