Charlotte Gainsbourg: Her youngest Jo looks exactly like her dad.

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Charlotte Gainsbourg turns 52 this Thursday, July 21, 2022. The opportunity for her to fly to Tel Aviv (Israel) with her three children. And the youngest Jo Attal (11 years old) is the perfect look-alike of her famous dad.

This Thursday, July 21, 2022, Charlotte Gainsbourg celebrates her 51st birthday. And it is probably surrounded by her family that the actress decided to celebrate the event. Mother of three children, Ben (25), Alice (19), and Jo, the youngest, she has already celebrated well for her 11th birthday on July 16. A little girl who looks exactly like her famous dad Yvan Attal. The whole family was reunited last Saturday for little Jo, the last of the clan. And who grew up seeing the publications shared by his mother, but also his brother and sister on social networks.

Currently in Israel, in Tel Aviv, as we can see on the stories shared this Thursday, July 21, Charlotte Gainsbourg has probably decided to offer herself a few days with her three children, this time around. Already very fashionable, Jo Attal, 11, goes from a schoolgirl miniskirt worn with a black top, to mom jeans worn with an oversized shirt and a newsboy. The teenager knows who to hold, like her mother and her big sister – to whom she is so close – are passionate about fashion. After a vacation a few months ago with Alice and Jo, between girls, the daughter of Jane Birkin this time took her whole little tribe with her.


If so far, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal have always done everything to protect their three children from all media coverage, since they grew up they appear more and more. If Ben and Alice Attal actively publish content on Instagram, little Jo reveals herself through their publications but also those of her mother. And at 11, she is already the star of the family doing the show naturally.

And if Alice Attal seems to be the perfect mix of her two parents, and the eldest Ben, already an actor, looks a lot like his famous mother, Jo Attal, she is the real double of her father. The Gainsbourg clan had also made a strong impression by landing on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival in 2021. The singer had presented her documentary on her mother Jane Birkin called Jane by Charlotte.