Jennifer Lopez has admitted that her wedding dress not actually inspired by an “old movie,”

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Jennifer Lopez has admitted that her wedding dress in Las Vegas was not actually inspired by an “old movie,” contrary to previous reports.

Jlo clarified:

the source of her stunning wedding gown that she wore when she tied the knot with Ben Affleck in Las Vegas in July 2022.Jennifer Lopez has finally revealed the details about her stunning wedding dress worn during her Las Vegas wedding to Ben Affleck in July 2022. The dress, a sleeveless Alexander McQueen gown, featured a classic boatneck design and a textured floral pattern. In her newsletter, Jlo had previously referred to it as a “dress from an old movie” she had kept the dress for many years, saving it for her special day. However, she has now clarified that the dress was not from the movie “Jersey Girl” as rumors suggested. She expressed her desire to have had that dress but confirmed that it was not the one she wore.

Jennifer Lopez

In reality, J.Lo disclosed :

that her wedding dress was not actually worn in any movie. She explained that while promoting Marry Me or Shotgun Wedding, she had accumulated numerous wedding dresses in her house. When they spontaneously decided to get married that day, she had a dress to wear. Furthermore, she clarified that the dress was not utilized in any film, stating she had never worn it for a movie.

However, the star of Hustlers has been working on her new musical, This is Me… Now: A Love Story, for several decades. In an exclusive interview with E! News at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards on January 7th, she stated, “This project has been in the making for 22 years.” She explained that she released the album This Is Me… Then in 2002, and in 2022, she announced her plans to create This Is Me… Now.

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She has been working on it for the past few years. The timing was perfect as she rekindled her romance with the 51-year-old Oscar winner almost ten years after ending their engagement. Jennifer said, “When we got back together, I felt very inspired. I felt like this is who I am now. Life can be heartbreaking, elating, and funny when you look back on it.” This project is her way of sharing the lessons she has learned throughout her journey.

However, before the release of her fairytale musical on Amazon Prime Video on February 16th, take a look back at all the magnificent wedding gowns she has worn both in real life and in her on-screen performances.