is Kanye West using Bianca as a ‘free marketing tool’?

You are currently viewing is Kanye West using Bianca as a ‘free marketing tool’?

Kanye West wife Bianca Censori is supposedly not alright with being utilized as a “free showcasing tool” for his up and coming collection Vultures 2.

Bianca has been venturing out with Kanye west regularly in indecent outfits, with the rapper, 46, regularly taking to his social media handles with provocative photographs of his wife.

Now, an insider says the Yeezy modeler is having a difficult time as the Carnival hitmaker is “pushing for more ahead of the discharge of Vultures 2.

Kanye west ‘s wife need a break

“She needs a break and needs to step back,” a tipster told Every day Mail. “She adored the consideration but it is getting overpowering and Kanye west keeps pushing and pushing for more, more, more driving up to the discharge of Vultures 2.”

“She feels like he is utilizing her as a free showcasing device – as does everybody else,” they said. “These past couple of months have been an encounter, but she truly needs to center on having children after the collection drops. She knows she is overexposed.”

kanye west

This comes after a few reports said Bianca’s family was stressed approximately the rapper’s treatment of her, counting one which said her father expecting to have a conversation with Kanye around her scarcely there outfits.
Bianca’s sister Angelina has presently suppressed all such reports, saying their family completely underpins Kanye and his trade endeavors.

The collection

“We all bolster him. We back his modern collection. We back his unused dress he’s dropping,” she told the Proclaim Sun.

“It’s all fair bulls**t. There was something approximately my father indeed as of late. My father never talks. Nothing’s true,” she included.