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her latest and expensive acquisitions deciphered

If some pieces never leave her, like her XXL engagement ring and her Cartier watch, Meghan Markle likes to vary her jewelry. But all have in common to be fine, golden, symbolic and… not cheap.

If Meghan Markle has a weakness, it’s for fine and symbolic golden jewelry. Even before her meeting with Prince Harry in 2016, the then actress and lifestyle blogger was a fan of refined and personalized accessories. A penchant now maintained by her husband, who has helped to expand his already well-stocked collection!

During her few appearances in 2021, from California, the Duchess of Sussex showed the few pieces that recently joined her jewelry box: her gold “mini tennis” bracelet from her favorite brand Jennifer Meyer (which costs more than 2200 pounds) and unveiled on American television in March 2021, during her truthful interview with Oprah Winfrey, but also a pair of diamond earrings by designer Jessica McCormack, which are worth almost 3000 pounds, seen during this same interview. On the occasion of a videoconference appearance at the VaxLive concert in May, the one who was pregnant with her daughter Lilibet showed her feminist necklace “Woman Power” from the brand Awe, which costs “only” 100 pounds .

Unsurprisingly, Meghan Markle took advantage of the birth of her daughter in June to expand her collection. A few weeks later, during a video recorded to celebrate her 40th birthday, the ex-actress displayed her two new constellation necklaces featuring the astrological signs Taurus and Gemini, two of Archie and Lili. Fine models in gold and diamonds from the Logan Hollowell brand, sold for nearly 1,300 pounds each.

More recently, throughout her back-to-school trip with Harry to New York, the noblewoman of geographic region appeared with another nod to her children: a gold plaque carven with the inscription “Archie Lili”, that prices nearly 950 lbs. conjointly during this trip to the East Coast, she wore a hand of Islamist talisman jewelry alleged to shield her from the evil eye. A model from the Alemdara brand, sold for 450 pounds, which is adscititious to its Mateo earrings in gold and diamonds (245 pounds). Still from the Mateo brand, Meghan Markle also encompasses a gold and diamond ring from the Zodiac line, notably worn throughout her look on the Ellen DeGeneres show last November.

HIS MOST lovely PIECES? THOSE transmissible FROM DIANA

To all or {any|to any or all} this is often value-added his jewellery with a Lapis-Lazuli presupposed to bring sincerity and wisdom, from the category complete launched by his friend Taryn Toomey. A model sold for over £1,000 and disclosed throughout an look on James Corden’ comedy show with Harry last year. there’s additionally the beautiful diamond that hasn’t left its pinky for a couple of months, a marriage gift from the center East… however the foremost beautiful items in her assortment are in all probability those inherited from her mother girl Diana: her golden bangle with black stones, her aquamarine cocktail ring worn at her reception in 2018… There also are her splendid ring created by Harry, from diamonds that belonged to her mother. The ring – calculable at quite 270,000 pounds – also includes an outsized diamond unearthed by the Duke of Sussex in Botswana, a rustic to that the couple has been terribly connected since their romance materialized there. modified following Archie’ birth in 2019, birthstones referencing the birth months of Meghan, Harry and Archie are value-added to the ring. once Lilibet grows up, she ought to inherit the Cartier watch bought by her mother at the beginning of her acting career. A precious model from the Tank line, carved on the back, that a particular Diana additionally appreciated.