What is mobile insurance? all you need to know

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A mobile insurance is a guarantee concerning mobile phones or smartphones. Beneficiaries can benefit from this protection from the moment they have purchased a mobile phone and taken out insurance. Mobile insurance covers damages suffered in the event of a claim.


According to the many opinions collected, some insurance policies provide for reimbursement ceilings or deductibles. Other tests reveal more expensive formulas. These take care of the various incidents that can occur on the smartphone (loss, theft, breakage, etc.).


Some mobile insurance policies also cover repairs in the event of accidental breakage on the smartphone.


To benefit from the reimbursement in question, the accident that has occurred must meet the requirements of the contract. The results of the 2021 comparisons indicate that mobile insurers present a wide variety of guarantees in their contracts. The owner of the mobile phone is thus responsible for choosing the offer best suited to his needs.


To be covered by mobile insurance, the victim must file a complaint with the police and declare the theft of the smartphone if necessary. Depending on the type of contract taken out, the insurer can insure:


Reimbursement of the telephone subject to certain reservations mentioned in the contract;

Reimbursement of the Sim card;

Reimbursement of fraudulent communications;


What are the different services available?

According to the results of numerous tests, the basic services available when purchasing mobile insurance can be grouped into five categories. To know

Mobile “breakage” insurance: this guarantee covers damage to the mobile phone in the event of a fall or impact;

“Oxidation” mobile insurance: this formula covers damage caused by water or humidity on the smartphone;

Mobile “theft” insurance: intervenes in the event of theft. The beneficiary is reimbursed for the price of his telephone;

“All risks” mobile insurance: insures all risks incurred by the smartphone, including hacking or data theft;

“ Multi-product ” mobile insurance: ideal for large families with several devices in the household.


How does mobile insurance work?

To help you find the best smartphone insurance for your needs, it is essential to understand how this type of service works. As a general rule, once the mobile insurance contract has been concluded with your insurance company, you can take advantage of all the guarantees mentioned in the event of a claim.


The subscription is made when purchasing the smartphone. The seller can thus offer you an insurer. You are free to choose it or to use another mobile insurance company of your choice. Various accidents can occur after the purchase. The most frequent claims include theft, loss of the mobile phone or its fall.


According to the opinions of many consumers, the first thing to do in the event of a claim is to make a declaration to the insurer. Insofar as it is a theft, it must be carried out at a police station in order to notify the crime. Once the insurer has been informed, it will analyze the damage.


When the analysis confirms that the claim actually corresponds to the conditions of the contract, the beneficiary will be able to access the various reimbursements.

Fraudulent use

The guarantee against fraudulent use is increasingly requested by mobile phone owners. An insurance contract including this option allows the insured to benefit from better financial and legal protection. The latter also bears the costs of lawyers in connection with a suspicion of fraudulent use involving the contracted party.

What are the 5 best mobile insurances?

Now for the most important part of our comparison dedicated to the best mobile phone insurance of 2021. To help you find the ideal offer, we have selected the five most popular providers by our consumer portal. Here are the results of their reviews.



According to user reviews, the insurer Coverd is distinguished by the plurality of offers it offers in its guarantees: broken screen or other elements of the smartphone, oxidation, burglary, HS battery, fraudulent communication Subscription can be done in all circumstances, whether the phone is used, new, rented or refurbished.

Advantages :


  • Affordable price: good value for money compared to the guarantees offered;
  • Fast service: immediate support for the damaged smartphone in the event of breakage or theft;
  • Premium customer service: accessible 24/7 online.
  • The inconvenients :

The insurer does not cover charging costs in the event of loss of the smartphone;

Failure to cover certain forms of break-ins (Examples: pickpocketing and stealing);

  • Expensive franchise rate: even if it is fixed, it can represent a heavy investment for some people.

Carrefour insurance

The company “ Carrefour Assurance ” stands out for its offer which allows you to insure several devices simultaneously. This is the Multi Nomads formula, the first month of service of which is free. It covers all the gadgets used in the home against breakage, theft and oxidation (pc, tablet, smartphone).


Advantages :


Wide coverage guaranteed on smartphones: accidental breakage, oxidation, theft with aggression or burglary;

Interesting warranty ceiling: €650 per year on smartphones;

Ease of access: the assistance service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The inconvenients :


Relatively expensive rate compared to other insurers on the market: from €5.90 per month;

Limited number of claims covered: two claims per year maximum;

High deductible rate: 15%.


According to the results of numerous tests, subscription to mobile insurance at SFR can be done within 30 days of purchasing the smartphone. The beneficiary is then insured against accidental breakage, theft or oxidation of his device. The company has a service called “ CHUBB ” which deals exclusively with mobile insurance.


Advantages :


Wide coverage guaranteed on smartphones: accidental breakage, oxidation, theft with aggression or burglary;

Affordable price: from €2.99 per month;

Ease of access: the assistance service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The inconvenients :


The smartphone is not insured in the event of breakdown or loss;

Limited number of claims covered: two claims per year maximum;

Low guarantee ceiling: between 70 and 820 € depending on the brand of mobile phone.


The insurance company Clic! by AIG specializes in smartphone and tablet insurance for professionals and individuals. The company offers to cover the damage suffered in the event of claims without deductible. According to many opinions, the entity imposes a strict condition: to be a member of a group for which a price has been fixed in advance. It can, for example, be a sports federation, an association, a works council, etc.

Advantages :


Simplicity and speed of claim declaration: all the policyholders need to do is connect to the Customer Area made available to them in the event of a claim;

Covers include damage caused by third parties;

Ease of access: 100% digital solution.

The inconvenients :


Relatively expensive rate compared to other insurers on the market: from €5.90 per month;

Limited number of claims covered: two claims per year maximum;

Obligation to be part of a group.


The Société française d’assurances multirisques is a broker specializing in multimedia insurance. According to the results of the comparisons of the best mobile insurance in 2021, policyholders can benefit from full support provided by teleadvisers in France. The entity also stands out for its ability to provide personalized, effective and relevant advice to clients.


Advantages :

Coverage of all electronic and technological devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, video game consoles);

Accompaniment by a personalized advisor;

Premium services: possibility to have access to a backup smartphone, unlimited repairs, possibility of covering 3 claims per year.

The inconvenients :


High deductible: €300 in the event of loss;

Relatively expensive rate: from €3.90 per month;

The “ small ” formula does not guarantee theft.

How to compare mobile insurance service providers?

It is crucial to take into account certain criteria before subscribing to mobile insurance. Through our comparative guide, you will discover the five main factors not to be overlooked before taking out smartphone insurance.


The displayed price

This is an undeniable criterion when we want to ensure the condition and proper functioning of our smartphone. According to the results of numerous tests, it is best to request a detailed quote from the insurance company before entering into any agreement.


You could thus carry out the comparison on the basis of several criteria.

To find the insurer that offers the best value for money, adapted to your expectations, do not hesitate to inquire by consulting their website.


The guarantees offered

Does the mobile insurance you have taken out cover theft, fraudulent use and loss, or only breakage? In general, the premium rate varies according to the formulas offered by the insurance companies. Also assess the various risks involved with the device before entering into a mobile insurance contract.


Before choosing the formula best suited to your needs, we invite you to consult our comparison of guarantees. Remember to think about the threats your smartphone is frequently exposed to


Another important aspect of taking out mobile insurance is the details of deductibles. Remember to find out about the conditions for reimbursement in the event of a claim. Will you be ready to pay a deductible? If yes how much ? As we have seen in our comparison, some companies do not offer a franchise.



Some insurance companies offer to replace the damaged smartphone within a specific time frame. Other insurers undertake to repair the mobile phone one to two weeks after the declaration of the accident. According to mobile insurance reviews 2021, the shorter this period, the heavier the bill to pay.


The provisions of a contract relating to exclusions and risks assumed also deserve special attention. In the event of theft, for example, the notices indicate that certain insurers reserve the right not to compensate in the event of pickpocketing. The same situation occurs insofar as the smartphone has been left, by negligence, in a vehicle.


Reimbursements in the event of a claim meet a maximum threshold or ceiling. The many opinions collected also underline the importance of this threshold. It is set by the insurance company, which assesses it according to the range of the insured device. Finally, according to the results of numerous tests, the maximum number of claims per year should not be neglected before concluding a mobile insurance contract.

What should you watch out for when buying mobile insurance?

According to the results of numerous opinions and comparative tests, it is essential to take a look at the existing offers on the market before concluding a mobile insurance contract. This is why we invite you to rely on our comparative guide dedicated to the best smartphone insurance.


Once you have found the supplier that best meets your expectations, it is recommended that you carefully read the terms of sale. According to the test results, guarantees and causes deserve special attention. The criteria we listed above will also help you find the best mobile insurance, in line with your needs.

For the rest, it is important to ask the right questions:


  • Under what circumstances do you use your smartphone?
  • Are you clumsy? Do you often drop your mobile phone on the floor?
  • Are you particularly exposed to theft risks where you live?
  • At what price did you buy your smartphone?
  • How much are you willing to pay in order to offer the best mobile insurance for your smartphone?

The list is not exhaustive. Nevertheless, with a precise answer to each of these questions, you will be able to find the appropriate offer for the security of your smartphone without difficulty.