At Least 46 Dead Bodies Found in Semi-Truck Left in Texas, ‘A Horrific Human Tragedy’.

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According to press reports, at least 50 people are reported to have died after a tractor-trailer with illegal immigrants was found Monday in a rural region of San Antonio, Texas.

According to a source, there were at least 46 bodies inside the trailer and a total of 48 people were killed there. The network said that two more people passed away following hospitalization.

According to a source, San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood reported that 16 additional people, including four children, were admitted to hospitals.

Both men and women, many of the victims were young people. 22 of the dead were from Mexico, seven from Guatemala, and two from Honduras, according to a source. The majority of the bodies have not yet been identified.

The deaths were discovered after a worker in a nearby building reported hearing a call for assistance and finding the trailer with its door half open, according to a source citing San Antonio Police Chief William P. McManus. According to McManus, bodies could be seen inside.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security investigation team was then informed by the San Antonio police of “an alleged human smuggling event.”

According to a News source, Hood remarked, “We’re not meant to open up a truck and discover heaps of bodies in there.”

According to McManus, the victims lacked water and air conditioning and were either dying or suffering from heat exhaustion.

The Homeland Security team is currently in charge of the investigation.

Three people were apprehended by the police. According to McManus, it’s not obvious how the deaths and smuggling are connected.

This tragedy takes place as the number of illegal immigrants coming to the US from Mexico keeps increasing.

According to a source, the country has recently experienced some of the largest spikes in illegal immigration.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, a pro-conservative immigration policy organization, there were more than 1 million interactions with Customs and Border Protection on the southern border alone in the first three months of 2022.

This figure excludes the numerous cases of human smuggling and unreported crossings that CBP misses.

The fatalities involving tractor-trailers highlight how serious the problem has grown.

According to a source, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas expressed his “heartbreak” for the awful loss of life today and his prayers for those who are still clinging to life.

Far too many lives have been lost as individuals — including families, women, and children — take this dangerous journey,” Mayorkas wrote in a Twitter post.

“Calous individuals who have no regard for the defenseless people they exploit and imperil in order to make a profit,” was Mayorkas’s description of those who work in the human smuggling networks.

However, Texas Governor Greg Abbott pointed the finger at Vice President Joe Biden.

Abbott stated on Twitter that “Biden is to blame for these deaths.” They are the outcome of his dangerous open border policy.