Bella Hadid: Sexy and smiling with her lover on the beach, she wiped her tears away.

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Bella Hadid recently appeared in tears on Instagram. The top model, who illustrated his revelations about his depressions, has since found a smile. The Miami sun and the presence of her boyfriend helped her …

Like the fashion industry in which she operates, Bella Hadid is several seasons ahead of reality! She escapes this fall-winter and rediscovers the joys of summer. Canon in a bikini with her boyfriend, the top model is basking the pill and smiling again, after having confided with emotion about his mental health …

It was in Miami that Bella Hadid recently set down her suitcases! The pretty 25-year-old brunette went there for the wedding of two friends, Lauren Perez and her husband David Waltzer. She took advantage of their union to relax and spend time at the beach. On Saturday November 13, 2021, Bella was photographed on a sun lounger on the private beach of the five-star The Setai.

Bella Hadid spent her afternoon sunbathing with several friends and her lover Marc Kalmaan. The discreet young man was chatting with his girlfriend and saw her taking off her miniskirt to wear a charming leopard print bikini. the sand and leave the beach with a smile on your face.

These pictures of a peaceful Bella delighted her many admirers. Gigi Hadid’s little sister surrendered to them on November 9, citing her mental health. She had illustrated her words with various selfies taken at different times that showed her crying.

Personal development, mental illness, and chemical imbalance are not linear and it’s almost like a roller coaster… There are ups and downs, and swaying side to side. But I want you. know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and the merry-go-round eventually comes to a complete stop, wrote bellahadid, inspired by an interview with Willow Smith. It took me a while to figure it out, but I had enough depression and burnouts to know it: if we work on ourselves enough, if we spend enough time alone to understand our traumas, our detonators, our joys and our routines, we will always be able to understand or learn more about our own pain and how to deal with it.