Beverly Hills star in critical condition, fans in shock.

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One of the emblematic figures of the “Beverly Hills 90210” series is currently in very critical condition. This sad news was relayed on his social networks by his sister.

Relatives as well as fans of Denise Dowse are currently holding their breath. The American actress, who notably became known for her role in the cult series Beverly Hills 90210 – was hospitalized after contracting a violent form of meningitis, reports People magazine. She is currently in a coma. A news relayed by the sister of the actress, on the Instagram account of the latter.

“I try to keep my spirits up and support those in need. As many of you know I’m a low-key person. So it’s hard for me. I’m asking for support and prayers for me and my sister, my only close family Denise Dowse. She is currently in the hospital in a coma caused by a virulent form of meningitis. Her doctors do not know when she will come out of the coma because it is not artificial “has she said at first, sharing a photo of her sister.

. An actress full of life

Faced with this difficulty, she asked fans to express their support for her sister, who celebrated her 64th birthday last February. “She is a vibrant actress and director who should have many more years ahead of her. Thoughts, prayers and expressions of support are greatly appreciated. I read your comments and thank you all. I will not be responding to your messages. because I don’t want you to think they’re coming from her right now.”

She was heard because, having read this post, many Internet users rushed to the comment space to support the actress. Several public figures have also given strength to the artist, starting with his former colleague Ian Ziering. “Sending my prayers and hope for better days,” the former Beverly Hills actor commented. For his part, the former NBA player, Stephen Howard, wrote this: “Sending love, prayers and hugs to one of my favourites”.

Contacted by People Magazine, the agent of the actress did not comment on the situation. Since this Instagram post, dating from two days ago, no other information on the state of health of Denise Dowse has been disclosed. As a reminder, she played in 24 episodes of the series Beverly Hills 90210, from 1991 to 2000..