How fashion industry rules the world

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Fashion and industry dominate the world in 21st century more than
ever did and control not only the way people dress but also
trends in home ware design, makeup fashion and people’s
overall attitudes., it summed up the whole attitude of a
generation, and this is even more prominent today.

At the present ,fashion is brave and bold and this reflects new
generationthat is not afraid to say what they think, or wear what
they want. Fashion is not just a means of clothing your body, it
is the essence of your personality and beliefs, and designers
are well aware of the power they hold. Designers’ prediction
and desings for the coming season are more hotly anticipated
than any other revelation in the world.

Fashion can change from one second to the next, but what
never changes is the hold it has over society, and the role it
plays in the modern world. Fashion is so important that whole
magazines are dedicated to it, TV programs dedicate hours of
transmission time to the subject, and people discus it between
their friends continually.
To keep up with what is trend ,people subscribes to fashion
magazines and keep a keen eye on what has appeared in
shops, stores and what has been there for a long time, and go
to fashion shows to see what the designers are putting new on
the runway every season, and therefore what will make it in to
the top.

For the extremely wealthy, they might have their own personal
relationship with a designer who will keep them well ahead of
the current trends, Moreover,a lot of people wanting to know
what the new fashion lines are going to be will watch what
celebrities are wearing. Being ahead of fashion is for many, the
ultimate achievement, although being too ahead of the fashion
is just as bad as being behind it! If you are too far ahead people
will think what you are wearing is not in fashion, because it isn’t,

It influences not only what we wear, but everything we do, say,
and even think. This is why fashion does indeed rule the world.