Kate Middleton, this haircut of which she was not sure: “I was a little worried…”

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Over the past few months, the Duchess of Cambridge has seemed to take particular pleasure in styling her hair, thanks to her extra long, shiny hair. But before that, Kate Middleton also had doubts about her hair experiments.
This weekend
wants to be a holiday for the Duchess of Cambridge! Kate Middleton celebrates her 40th birthday on Sunday January 9, 2022 The opportunity for some informed royal experts to share anecdotes and memories about the wife of Prince William whom she is leaving, in a long portrait published by The Sun, journalist Emily Andrews has recalled a small reception reserved for the press at Kensington Palace, shortly after the birth of Princess Charlotte…

It is therefore October 2015 and Kate Middleton is regaining her true strengths, five months after the birth of the second child. “I was invited for a drink with them and noticed how Kate, like many mothers returning to work, had adopted a new hairstyle, remembers the journalist. her bangs, it was obvious that she Wasn’t sure about this new haircut, so I complimented her. ‘Thanks!’ he replied hesitantly,

looking relieved, ‘Are you sure that’s fine with me?Don’t you think that’s too “mommy”? I was a little worried…'”

Finally, the Duchess of Cambridge got used to her bangs, which she kept for several months, before letting them grow out (see slideshow). Since then, the mother of George, Charlotte and Louis (8, 6 and 3 years old) has tried other haircuts, without breaking the bank: honey, caramel or light brown locks, a large lock worn on each side of the face, a cut on the shoulders…

Kate Middleton will spend her 40th birthday with her magnificent mane, which has been sporting for several months. An XXL cut that could be inherited from later confinements… She often wears her long brown hair loose and wavy, when she doesn’t lift it with a more sophisticated bun for formal occasions.