Madonna finally breaks the silence after her worrying hospitalization

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Madonna finally

Madonna finally breaks the silence after her worrying hospitalization

“When I woke up in the hospital…” :

At 64, Madonna spoke for the first time since her worrying hospitalization. On Instagram, the star gave her news and made some clarifications.

At 64, Madonna was recently hospitalized, Wednesday June 28, in an intensive care unit according to her relatives, who explained that she would be affected by a “serious bacterial infection”. His manager also reported that he was forced to suspend all dates of the world tour which had been organized in the coming months to celebrate his 40-year career. The announcement had naturally shocked more than one. On July 30, the star was back home. The interpreter of Like a Virgin “feels better”, assured a source without specifying when she was released from the hospital – a very discreet exit by the way. While her daughter Lourdes Leon (whose father is the Cuban sports coach Carlos Leon), who did not leave her mother thinking of her stay in the hospital, said she was prepared for the worst, Madonna speaks on Monday 10 July for the first time since.


On Instagram, Madonna shared a short text on a black background. “I thank you for your positive energy, your prayers, and your words of healing and support, writes the singer and icon. I felt all your love. I am on the road to recovery and I am incredibly grateful for all the blessings I have in my life.” “My first thought when I woke up in the hospital was for my children, continues the star. The second that I didn’t want to disappoint anyone who had bought a ticket for my tour. worked tirelessly with me for many months to create this show. I hate to disappoint.”

I will be back on…

Her manager had let it be known that The Celebration Tour, originally scheduled for July to December in North America and Europe, including Paris and London, was going to be postponed, which she later confirmed. “I will focus today on my health and regaining my strength, but I assure you that I will be back as soon as possible! At the moment, the plan is that the tour in the North of the United States has been postponed, and is expected to start in October in Europe.” She ends by saying that she is grateful for all the support received. “Love, M,” she concludes. According to the British press, Madonna had indeed been found unconscious in her apartment in New York before being hospitalized and intubated. We can therefore understand the concern of his daughter, surely shared by his other children Rocco (soon to be 23 years old), whose father is the director Guy Ritchie, and four children adopted in Malawi. David (almost 18), Mercy (17) and twins Stella and Esther, 10.