Meghan Markle presents at the coronation?

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This incredible scenario ignites the Web!

What if Meghan Markle had attended, incognito, the coronation of King Charles III? This is the crazy theory that has emerged on Twitter…

Fans of the British crown seem to be crazy about all the tensions that exist between the members of the royal family on the one hand, and on the other Harry and Meghan, alone against all. Drama that delights the tabloids and their regular readers. And some fans have imagination to spare.

While Meghan Markle decided not to come to the historic coronation of King Charles III, staying with her children in Montecito – on the occasion of the 4 years of their eldest Archie – some believed that the Duchess was indeed in the precincts of Westminster Abbey… grimée! Some Twittos have indeed been convinced that Meghan Markle was indeed present at the coronation of King Charles III, this Saturday, May 6.

On Twitter, they shared the image of a guest with a very remarkable look, among the crowd of 2,200 people handpicked, in Westminster Abbey (London). And according to them, this participant seemed to want to hide his real identity, sporting glasses, thick hair and a big mustache. And a person then suggested that it was Meghan Markle who had simply disguised herself to go incognito. “[Meghan], you are not fooling us…”, we could read on the social network. When another considered it might be Tilda Swinton. And yet, it turns out that the thick hair and the funny mustache were absolutely not a disguise, but the look of Sir Karl Jenkins, a legendary composer whose work was performed during the ceremony.

A not-so-mysterious guest

“That obviously sums up Welsh culture – the harp – and he [King Charles III] has always supported Welsh music,” the 79-year-old musician had also told the BBC, proud to participate in this historic coronation. “I don’t know if he chose it, but he was happy to have it there. I know he likes it, otherwise he wouldn’t have asked me,” he added. . So, even if the fans of the monarchy would have loved that the actress of Suits is embedded in the ceremony, in disguise, it is ultimately nothing. Meghan Markle was well alongside her son Archie, to blow out her candles in a small committee.