Pierre Mondy: His granddaughter finally bears his name after 17 years of fighting

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he give up of an extended warfare in court. On Instagram, Anne Mondy, the daughter of the overdue actor Pierre Mondy, introduced excellent information to her subscribers: her personal daughter, Louna, can formally endure her illustrious surname. Pierre Mondy, unforgettable actor withinside the movies The seventh Company and the Les Cordier series, decide and cop, left in the back of a extended family mourned through his demise in 2012. He changed into the daddy of Laurent and Anne. She fought an extendedtime period criminal warfare in order that her daughter Louna should endure the remaining call of the overdue patriarch. As the mag France Dimanche spotted, Anne Mondy introduced the give up of her criminal combat on Instagram, December 14, 2021. “Life is merciless sometimes, however nicely done, notwithstanding everything … It takes you from a hand, a part of your coronary heart and offers you with the other, some thing to plug the unhappiness that consequences from it, through

making you arrive on the mail of the day, the end result of a warfare which ultimately lasted 17 years! obsession! An irrational want for legitimacy, justice, fact written in black and white, to check in in a own circle of relatives line my baby for whom I am the mom and the daddy, the only determine and sole answerable for an extended time … want to combine him politely into the most effective own circle of relatives that has existed and been found in his life. I by no means requested for anything … nothing … Just that … “, she writes.

Anne Mondy, daughter of Pierre and his 1/3 spouse Annie Fournier, manifestly has a few court cases in opposition to the daddy of her daughter. So plenty in order that she desired Louna to have the identical call as her, Mondy being the call of the maternal grandmother of the overdue actor whose delivery call turned into virtually Pierre Cuq. “My daughter is, sooner or later, formally a Mondy! She formally bears my call, that of her grandfather, her uncle, her cousin and her cousin, and could sooner or later be capable of have a completely unique identity, take her checks and construct her lifestyles of a girl below a call that she has unofficially carried for 17 years so far connected in priority, to that of a unhappy deserter (…) Today Louna’s delivery certificates is sooner or later accurate and rectified in fact facts, and its history, “she adds.

Très émue, Anne Mondy a aussi apprécié ce petit clin d’oeil inattendu de la justice puisque la décision du procureur de la République de Paris a été rendue le 15 septembre. Pile le jour de la date anniversaire de la mort de son papa. “La boucle est bouclée… Le décret du 15 septembre ne s’invente pas non plus… Merci Papa… #mafillemabataille Merci à la best avocate Christelle pour son soutien précieux“, ajoute-t-elle.