POLO GCops Release ’21 Arrest Footage …MOUTHIN’ OFF IN MIAMI, NEVER BACKS DOWN!!!

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Mouthin’ off in miami, never backs down! — polo g cops release ’21 arrest footage!

Polo g’s arrest in 2021 is captured on body camera footage that miami police have made public, and it seems like a night the “rapstar” would rather to forget.

The video is connected to a source in june 2021. Polo was detained shortly after his “the goat” album release party, and both the police and the chicago-born rapper claim that during the arrest, they were roughed up.

Polo successfully completed anger management classes, and the recently made public video demonstrates why those probably were required. Charges of resisting an officer without violence were ultimately dismissed against polo.

In one scene, a police officer is shown using his computer inside a police cruiser while polo yells at him off-camera over his decision to become a police officer.

When polo brings up the subject of a police officer being slain in the line of duty and leaving his children fatherless, the officer initially seems to take polo’s remarks in stride.

Polo is shown receiving medical attention later in the film as he makes his case, alleging that the police were to blame for his “blackout” when they first arrested him. Police claimed polo was kicking their car during the arrest like a maniac.

At the time, his manager and mother, stacia mac, gave a play-by-play account of the tumultuous incident and claimed that her son had been racially profiled after the party.

The entire unpleasant episode is already in the past for polo, who has recently released a new song and an album with hip-hop track and bbl producer southside.