Claire Keim did not want children, Bixente Lizarazu changed everything: “The child was obvious”

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This Monday evening, TF1 offers the new fiction “Le Furet” to its viewers. Mathieu Madénian notably gives the answer to Claire Keim. Known for her talents as an actress and singer, the actress has also been Bixente Lizarazu’s companion for many years. The couple started a family by welcoming their daughter Uhaina in 2008 … something Claire Keim hadn’t planned before meeting the former footballer.

This Monday evening, TF1 entertains its viewers with an unprecedented fiction called Le Furet. Mathieu Madénian plays a hardened bachelor who takes full advantage of his freedom and assumes that he wants to live selfishly, without ties,

children or constraints. Maxime agrees to help a couple of sterile friends who are looking to have a child by artificial insemination, by donating anonymous sperm to legally speed up the procedure. Yes, but now, his brother’s ferret bites him in the private parts, Maxime has to undergo a vasectomy and realizes that he will not be able to have children. He then tries to recover his sperm donation which was used by a famous TV journalist named Lisa Barrot, played by Claire Keim.

In real life, the 46-year-old actress is the proud mother of a little girl, Uhaina, welcomed in August 2008 with her companion Bixente Lizarazu. Before meeting the 51-year-old former footballer and having a real crush on him, Claire Keim had no

plans to start a family. But Bixente Lizarazu turned everything upside down!

“I had sworn that I would not have children. However, when my man arrived, the child was obvious”, admitted Claire Keim in an interview for TV Grandes Chains in 2011. At the time, the actress also confided in the marriage and why she did not want to marry Bixente Lizarazu, despite the birth of their daughter three years earlier. “As for marriage, the concept is foreign to me. It is nicer to know that one is free to leave and to stay together”, she explained. During this same interview, Claire Keim spoke of her love at first sight for the 98 World champion: “Love feelings sometimes play tricks on some people, I know. Me, I knew immediately that it was him. . I had no doubts, at any time, ever … “A very beautiful love story that has lasted for years.