David Beckham makes fun of Victoria for his special morning routine!

You are currently viewing David Beckham makes fun of Victoria for his special morning routine!

Currently on vacation with Victoria, David Beckham has just posted a very funny video where he kindly makes fun of his wife, whose morning habit makes him laugh.

David Beckham is a joker and he proved it again by targeting … his wife! The two English stars may form one of the most popular couples on the planet, but that doesn’t prevent them from not taking themselves seriously.

Married for 23 years, the two lovebirds did not miss the opportunity to celebrate this beautiful moment in one of their favorite cities, Paris. “We love Paris. Every time we have something to celebrate, we come here,” said the former athlete on his Instagram account.

A very romantic day with a meal in front of the Eiffel Tower and dinner with champagne. “Very special day today where we celebrate in our happy place,” added Victoria.

After this beautiful moment together in the city of lovers, David and Victoria offered themselves a few days of vacation by the sea, on the edge of a yacht and vacation or not, the former member of the Spice Girls continues to train, which makes Brooklyn’s father laugh a lot.

On his Instagram account, where he is followed by more than 74 million subscribers, the handsome 47-year-old posted a short video two days ago that made his subscribers laugh.

At first, we just see David installed inside the boat, glasses on his nose and impassive. In commentary to his publication, he warns Internet users: “Wait a bit”.

  • Sports morning for victoria and coffee for david:

Then, all of a sudden, we see Victoria Beckham appear through the window in the middle of a sports session. Amused by the situation, David ends up having fun with the situation and smiling.

“I can’t even have a quiet coffee without Vic throwing himself forward,” he adds with smilies that show his amusement. His wife was quick to respond with a little well-felt tackle: “Looks like I lost my training partner during this vacation David!”.

Internet users and stars were very amused by this situation since Antoine Griezmann or Eva Longoria reacted to this little joke which once again shows all the complicity that exists between David and Victoria!