David Guetta very muscular at 54: he reveals his sculpted body in pictures

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In addition to his talents as a DJ, David Guetta has a dream body. What make more than one blush. For proof in pictures, head to his Instagram account!

The temperature quickly rose this Thursday, August 4, on David Guetta’s Instagram account. The king of turntables showed off his bulging abs to his subscribers by sharing a snapshot of him in a swimsuit by the sea. The 54-year-old artist decided to play it “Alert to Malibu” to immortalize this moment.

“Come and save me”, he wrote in the comments, adding the #nofilterneeded, while we see him sitting on a board with a paddle and a buoy at his disposal. “With pleasure that I save you”, one can read in the comments. A dream body already exhibited in the past which, unsurprisingly, caught the eye of internet users. “Bro…respect you work hard for this aging but healthy body. Well done,” one fan wrote.


But it’s not worth making advances to him because for nearly seven years, David Guetta has been a happy man with his beautiful Jessica Ledon, 26 years his junior. The famous composer of Titanium, Play Hard or even Dangerous – voted best DJ in the world last year according to a poll carried out by the British monthly DJ Mag – often appears alongside his sweetheart. Whether at the Grammy Awards, on social networks or in Ibiza on July 16 and 17 for the F*** Me I’m Famous in the company of many posters such as Cédric Gervais, Ofenbach or Martin Solveig.

On July 21, while France was experiencing a very intense heat wave, the couple took full advantage of their stay at Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Jessica Ledon in particular ignited the Web by posting on Instagram, some photos of her in a bikini. But if the two lovebirds seem very happy together, it is worth remembering that the DJ shared his life for many years with Cathy Guetta, before announcing his separation with the mother of his children Tim Elvis (22 years old) and Angie (14) in December 2014 after twenty-two years of marriage.