Harry Styles ‘new King of Pop’? Michael Jackson’s family offended.

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Harry Styles headlined the latest issue of ‘Rolling Stone’. He was even described as the “new king of pop” by this famous American magazine. What did not at all please the family of Michael Jackson, in particular one of his nephews: Taj.

Harry Styles continues to climb the ladder in music and more specifically in the world of pop. So much so that he has just been called “the new king of pop” by the famous American magazine Rolling Stone, which has just made the British singer the cover of its new issue. His third album, Harry’s House, has been a hit since its release last May. Without forgetting his androgynous look which clashes, recalling in particular the spirit of David Bowie – former world star in the 70s – but also Mick Jagger, although this comparison does not please the singer of the Rolling Stones. Harry Styles is notably one of the rare members of a boy band (One Direction) to have sublimated himself during his solo passage.

But despite this undeniable success, Taj, one of Michael Jackson’s nephews, took offense to this front page since the expression “king of pop” has always been associated with his uncle so far. And he wants it to stay that way. “There’s no new King of Pop. Rolling Stone, you don’t have authority over the title, you didn’t earn it, unlike my uncle,” he said on his account. Twitter, considering that this status earned by his uncle is the consecration of “several decades of dedication and sacrifice”. However, far be it from him to want to disrespect Harry Styles, whom he also finds “very talented”. But he believes that he should rather be given “his own title”, which would be “unique” and not inspired by that of Michael Jackson.

A debate that unleashes passions

This case has also reacted to Internet users. “Michael Jackson didn’t smash sales records and racial barriers, set standards for all of modern music at the cost of his entire childhood to watch Harry Styles being called the new king today. of pop”, got carried away one of them, by taking knowledge of this debate. “How much did the Harry Styles team pay Rolling Stone? Unless they hired a 15-year-old journalist who knows nothing about it,” another questioned.

As a reminder, Michael Jackson, who breathed his last in 2009, first discovered through the group The Jackson Five when he was young, later became indisputably “the king of pop”. thanks to planetary hits like Bad, Thriller and so many others in the 80s as well as high-level stage performances like during his concert in Bucharest (Romania) in 1992.