You are currently viewing RAPPER GOONEW CORPSE LEANING IN NIGHTCLUB…exposed at funeral

Rapper Goonew was literally the center of his own funeral… in a club with his body supported and displayed. The 24-year-old’s funeral, called The Final Show, was held at Bliss Nightclub in Washington DC on Sunday, and footage from inside the building appears to show the rapper’s embalmed corpse towering over the crowd, fully clothed and wearing a Crown. . The reaction from the public is quite mixed… some dance to the rhythm of the music, while others are impassive, staring at the corpse in front of them. Bliss Nightclub said according to TooFab, and apologized to anyone who took offense. they weren’t told about the tribute in advance,

The club is still investigating whether the body was real or not, or if there are possible legal ramifications.

real name of Goonew is Markelle Morrow, was found with fatal shooting wounds a couple of weeks past associate degree exceedinglyin a very} District Heights car parking zone — his family believes he was the victim of an armed robbery. His mother says the creative person gave up everything the suspect wanted, however he was still shot within the back. blue blood George’ County Pd is providing a $25,000 reward for any data that might result in a conviction or arrest.