UKRAINE war: How the situation changed .

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Russian President national leader proclaimed long Wed the launch of a “military operation” in Ukraine. His announcement was followed by shootings and barrages in many regions of the country.

The negotiations failed. when weeks of tension and diplomatic negotiations, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on the night of Wednesday to Th the launch of a “military operation” in Ukraine to defend the separatist regions within the east of the country.

Shots were detected shortly when in many regions of Ukraine, and within the morning, Russian troopers crossed the border, in line with Ukrainian authorities.

capital of Ukraine declared jurisprudence and asked the international community to create “an anti-Putin coalition” to come back to its aid. The UN, a global organization, and European countries known as emergency conferences overnight, and powerfully condemned the attack, promising severe sanctions.

What happened Wed night?

The threat of a Russian invasion of land has been around for many weeks now. This attack was launched once what the Kremlin describes as a “call for facilitate” on Wednesday evening from the 2 pro-Russian independence republics in jap Ukraine: city and Lugansk.

These regions were posing for help from Russia to “repel” the Ukrainian army. The Russian president had already clearly significant his alliance with these territories, declaring on Monday to acknowledge the independence of those two republics.

“The request for help self-addressed to the national capital by the separatist regions announces an awfully dangerous further step against the sovereignty of land which might place thousands of lives in danger”, warned within the evening the pinnacle of European diplomacy Josep Borrell on Twitter.

On the brink of rupture, the EU voted on Wed a brand new spherical of sanctions against Russia that target entities however conjointly people who have contended a task in “undermining and threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine”.

however overnight, capital of the Ukraine warned of the arrival of Russian troops at the borders of Ukraine, wherever Russia has accumulated “almost 200,000 soldiers” and “thousands of combat vehicles” declared Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Speaking exceptionally in Russian, he appealed to Russian civil society to stop the war, declaring that he had tried to speak, while not successful, to Vladimir Putin.

What did Vladimir Putin announce?

Shortly earlier than four a.m. (French time), the Russian president introduced in a marvel assertion on tv that he had “determined on a unique navy operation” in Ukraine to protect the separatists withinside the east of the country.

He denounced a “genocide” orchestrated through Ukraine on this region, arguing for the decision for assistance from the separatists introduced overnight.

He additionally pointed to NATO’s competitive coverage in the direction of Russia, of which Ukraine will be the tool. The Russian president defined that he desired to “attain a demilitarization and a denazification of Ukraine”, promising to bring “to courtroom docket the ones who’ve devoted several crimes, answerable for the bloodshed of civilians, specifically Russian citizens”.

Vladimir Putin additionally appealed to the Ukrainian military, inviting them to refuse combat Then he addressed those “who would try and interfere with us”. “They should grasp that Russia’s response is immediate and can result in consequences you have got ne’er practiced before.

“I am positive that the troopers and officers of Russia will fulfill their duty with courage”, he aforesaid again, “the security of the country is guaranteed”.

• What attacks were launched? Shortly before five a.m., powerful explosions were detected within the port town of Mariupol that is found on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov within the Donbas region in jap Ukraine.

Explosions were additionally detected in Kramatorsk, a town in the east that is the headquarters of the Ukrainian army, however also in Kharkiv, the second city of the country or in Odesa, on the Black Sea.

A series of explosions were also heard in the capital of Kyiv, wherever anti-bombing sirens sounded.

Ukrainian Secretary of State Dmytro Kuleba proclaimed the beginning of a “large-scale invasion” by Russia. The Russian army assured its half to aim with “high exactitude weapons” at military sites in the state.

“Military infrastructure, defense facilities, military airfields and aviation of the defense force of Ukraine are rendered harmless with high-precision weapons,” the Russian Defense Ministry said, as quoted by TASS.

. Later in the morning, “Russian military vehicles, together with armored vehicles, desecrated the border in the regions of Cherniguiv (north, Belarusian border), Sumy (northeast, Russian border), Lugansk and Kharkiv (east, border Russian)”,

assured a press release from the Ukrainian border guards around eight a.m. He adds that “most of the border guard units were targeted by the fireplace in these same regions” which one border guard was killed.

The Russian operation aims to “destroy the Ukrainian state, seize its territory by force ANd establish an occupation”, warned during a release the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, business on the international community to “act immediately”.

however did Ukrayina react? In an exceptional council overnight, Ukraine known as on Russia and also the international organization to “stop the war”.

“Call Putin, decision (Foreign Minister) Lavrov to prevent this aggression,” urged Ukrainian Ambassador to the United Nations, Sergiy Kyslytsya, addressing his Russian counterpart, Vassily Nebenzia

After the first explosions, the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure announced the closure of the airspace citing “a high security risk”. Around 7 a.m., the Ukrainian army for its part claimed to have shot down five planes and a helicopter from the Russian army in the east of the country.

In the country, the Ukrainian president is trying to maintain a semblance of calm. He called on his fellow citizens on Thursday to “not panic” in the face of the Russian offensive which is hitting their country by promising them victory, also announcing the introduction of martial law.

Later within the morning, the Ukrainian president assured during a tweet that “he would provide arms to anyone who wished to defend the country”.

when talks, notably with the American, British and German leaders, Volodymyr Zelensky referred to as on the planet to “an anti-Putin coalition”.Condemnations of the Russian act have rained since the announcement of the military act.

“France powerfully condemns Russia’ call to travel to war with Ukraine,” French President Emmanuel diacritic reacted Thursday morning, line on Russian capital to “immediately place an finish to its military operations”.

North American nation President Joe Biden at once denounced an “unjustified attack” which is able to cause “suffering and loss of human life”.

He spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, promising him US support in the face of Russia’s attack. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg condemned a “reckless and unmotivated attack” on Ukraine by Russia.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz denounced his aspect as “a good violation” of international law, whereas the President of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen pledged to raise Russian capital to “account”.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Russian president has chosen the trail of “bloodshed

The ambassadors of the 30 member countries of NATO will meet urgently Thursday morning in Brussels, announced a spokesman for the Alliance, and the leaders of the 27 countries of the European Union must meet in a summit Thursday evening.