Death of Kobe Bryant: A firefighter admits having taken photos at the scene of the crash!

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The trial surrounding the death of Kobe Bryant is currently underway in Los Angeles and the testimony of Brian Jordan, a firefighter who arrived at the scene of the accident, particularly moved the hearing.

It is an accident that will be remembered for many years to come by basketball lovers. At only 41 years old, Kobe Bryant, considered one of the best players in the history of his sport, died in a helicopter accident in California, while he was with his daughter, Gianna. A true legend, the American leaves behind millions of bruised fans and a devastated family seeking to rebuild itself. Some time ago, his wife Vanessa also expressed her distress at the images of the crash which continue to circulate on the Internet.

“If you can’t bring my husband and my baby back, please make sure no one takes pictures of them,” she said at the time of the accident, but unfortunately pictures were taken and are now traded online. This is the reason that led Vanessa to file a lawsuit against Los Angeles County, ensuring that the first people to arrive on the scene shared very graphic photos of Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter and other victims of the accident. The first to arrive at the scene of the crash were the city of Los Angeles firefighters, starting with their captain, Brian Jordan, who testified during the trial, as reported by the media People.

  • The images of this scene will haunt me forever:

The latter is accused of having taken photos of the bodies when he arrived on the scene, but he defended himself by claiming to have simply followed the instructions. “It was horrible and that’s what made me stop this job”, said the one who retired in 2021, assuring that he had a mental block when he arrived at the scene of the crash. . “I was there. I don’t remember being there. Please stop describing the scene to me,” he continued, indicating that he later deleted the photos from his device. . “The images of this scene will haunt me forever,” Brian Jordan said during his interrogation.

A particularly hard testimony for the former fire captain, visibly very marked by this affair and which ensures that he has nothing to do with the dissemination of the images.