Joe Rogan refers to Amber Heard as a “crazy lady” and claims that Johnny Depp’s trial is “a tremendous triumph for him.”

You are currently viewing Joe Rogan refers to Amber Heard as a “crazy lady” and claims that Johnny Depp’s trial is “a tremendous triumph for him.”

If Howard Stern thinks grayback Depp may be a “disaster,” Joe Rogan is that the polar opposite. The controversial Spotify podcast host noted Amber detected as a “crazy lady” and believes the actor’ defamation trial is a “big win” for her. “I’m observation this trial, and it’ a cautionary tale. It’ a cautionary tale regarding basic cognitive process in bull**** “The podcaster debuted on The Joe Rogan expertise on Tuesday. “You’re witnessing all the craziness… He talked about her s****** in his bed! Rogan is touching on Depp’ claim that detected or one in all her friends left “fecal matter” in their marital bed once she started a fight. Last week, a photograph was shown in court.

“[Amber] claimed that she used this precise createup to hide all of the bruises grayback gave her, however that’s not the case,” he stated. “The issue is that it absolutely was a particular cosmetics, and it seems that the corporate didn’t make the makeup throughout the time she claimed she was sporting it!” In his gap remarks, Heard’ professional alleged that the thespian used Milani Cosmetics’ “All In One Correcting Kit” to disguise Depp’ injuries. The Aquaman star single Depp in 2016, a year before Milani Cosmetics claims to possess discharged the product.

Milani Cosmetics intervened in the case after Heard’s lawyer alleged in his opening statement that the actress used the company’s “All In One Correcting Kit” to conceal Depp’s injuries. The Aquaman star divorced Depp in 2016, a year before Milani Cosmetics claims to have released the product. “But that’s what happens when you’re dealing with folks like them. People like him, who are entirely manipulative and guilty of s***, “Rogan went on. The commentator then repeated something Doug Stanhope, a stand-up comedian who knows Heard, had said about him.

Stanhope is close friend with Johny Depp. “He chose to write something… like a little opinion piece about how full of s*** she is, and she tried to sue him,” Rogen explained. “He knows her very well says, ‘She’s out of her f****** mind.’ ‘Like a crazy actress!’ Those are genuine. There are a lot of them.”

“Everyone realizes now, like, that there is something wrong with her,” Rogen continued. There’s a mental issue.”

“This is a big win for Johnny Depp,” he stated. “And a big loss for Pirates of the Caribbean!” … You did get rid of the best f****** pirate you ever had! For a crazy lady!”

On Tuesday, Heard’s mental health was a hot topic in court. Dr. Shannon Curry, a forensic psychologist who spent 12 hours analyzing the actress, said that she displayed symptoms of borderline and histrionic personality disorders. Curry’s analysis included a review of “all the case materials,” deny the reality that she is not board able to qualify. (Heard has not publicly declared any form of personality issue and is anticipated to testify in the coming weeks.) Those with personality disorder, and according to Mayo Clinic, “You may find it difficult to tolerate being alone if you have a strong fear of abandonment or instability. Even if you desire to establish meaningful and lasting relationships, improper anger, impulsiveness, and frequent mood swings may push others away.