Robert Pattinson reveals a special memory

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I was slapping myself in the face on the set of Harry Potter

Invited in “C to You” for the promotion of successive attender during which he provides the reply to Zoë Kravitz, Robert Pattinson came to his role as Cédric Diggory within the Harry Potter saga. a awfully special memory for the actor, “stunned” on the set. this can be the event that every one Robert Pattinson fans are looking forward to for a protracted time. On Wed March 2, the new attender film is free in theaters. Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and therefore the entire C à Vous team had the respect of receiving the actor and his partner Zoë Kravitz on the set of the France five show on weekday February 22, 2022. If they clearly mentioned the photography of the adventure story and therefore the pressure that weighed on the shoulders of the British, another subject was discussed: the role of Cédric Diggory that Robert Pattinson command within the episode Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Mohamed Bouhafsi induced a specific account regarding the shooting for Robert Pattinson: atiny low drawback of make-up because of the strain and anxiety that the 35-year-old actor felt at the time: “You were paralyzed, such a lot that you just had injuries artificial on the face and it had been melting as a result of you were stressed”.

This anecdote, Robert Pattinson didn’t contradict it. It should be same that it absolutely was his terribly initial feature film. And having to prove himself in such a production was enough to allow cold sweats to the young actor that he was: “I couldn’t get myself in condition, I didn’t understand however much…” Few assured and below pressure, Robert Pattinson was reaching to hide within the rest room to urge his concepts back in place, and not in the sweetest of ways: “I was slapping myself on the face!”, He said. Except that created up, all the efforts of the groups were reduced to zilch owing to the blows he gave himself. “Obviously, all the makeup began to flow, therefore I had to decision the makeup creator back to place makeup back on Maine each time. it absolutely was a touch stressful,” Robert Pattinson confessed. Since then, the actor has created his mark in international cinema. It’ not for nothing that he landed the role of the superhero tender within the next installment of the franchise. fortunately he had to wear a mask. It’ exhausting to imagine what it’d are like this time…